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SmallRig M0.8-65T Gear for Mini Follow Focus 3200

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SmallRig M0.8-65T Gear for Mini Follow Focus 3200

SmallRig M0.8-65T Gear 3200 is designed for Mini Follow Focus 3010. It features standard 0.8 MOD, 65 teeth and works with Tie-style Focus Gear Ring 3284 or Seamless Focus Gear Ring series (3291, 3292, 3293, 3294, 3295, 3296) and standard 0.8 MOD lenses. The gear is interchangeable and compatible with M0.8-43T Gear 3201 and M0.8-38T Gear 3285. Using gears with different teeth, the following focus can meet the needs of different focusing speeds, adjustment angles, and comfortableness.

Note: Compatible with standard 0.8 MOD gear.

Key Features

1. Standard 0.8 MOD, with accurate conduction.

2. Integrated module, quick assembly, and disassembly.

3. Compatible with different sizes of lenses.

Work With

Standard 0.8 MOD focus gear ring or lens

Packing List

1 x 0.8 MOD Gear

1 x M3.0 Screw

Technical Data

Product Dimensions:  Φ53.5 x 18.5 mm

Package Dimensions:  76 x 63 x 40mm

Net Weight:  17g±5g

Package Weight:   40g±5g

Material: POM9044+ABS

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