SmallRig Shoulder Rig Handle Kit 2002D

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SmallRig Shoulder Rig Handle Kit 2002

SmallRig Rosette Handle Kit (Cheese Short Arm) 2002 attaches 15mm rods for shoulder mount shoots. The kit comes with independent anti-slip handles utilizing SmallRig rosettes. Each arm has an array of threaded holes. Put the handgrips in front of your body for easy camera control. Threaded holes on arms for attaching accessories. Four main pivoting points can rotate 360°that are controlled separately by black tension levers. This offers you unlimited position options. The quick release clamp saves your time on operation when attaching rods, just tighten the black lever on the bottom. It is ideal for quick, lightweight, shoulder-mounted configurations.

Note: Maximum load 30KG

Key Features

1.Attaches 15mm rods for shoulder -mounted shoot

2.Rosette can rotate 360°

3.The diameter of the rosette is 31.8mm

4.Black tension levers locking

Work With

15mm Rods

Packing List

2 x Rubber Handle 1963

2 x Rosette Arm 1684

1 x 15mm Rosette Bracket 1898

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 330x32x250mm

Net Weight: 673g

Package Size: 210x110x60mm 

Package Weight: 723g

Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

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